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The story of abu Zaid alqurtubi SAVE MOTHER OF THE torment of "LA ILAHA ILAHA ILLALLAH" 70 thousand times
Abu Zaid said: I've heard a hadith which states that anyone who read the LA ILAHA ILLALLAH seventy thousand times the 70 000 ransom from the Fire, then I do it because of the promise of hope thanks to that, also I do for my family, have done so me too
Other charities to savings in the day. When we have to coincide at a youth overnight kasyaf an expert (the person who was given science from God can see the unseen) and even at times he explained him kasyaf about heaven and hell, and people recognize
young man, despite his young age, even I also put a trusthim, then when we were invited by friends to eat and drink at his house and he is also with us in the invitation, she suddenly screamed with all his voice and he said: Yes Ammi's mother in the fires of hell, then she screamed again as strong as her voice, and when I saw the state of feeling in the heart arises, I will test the truth, then i say  read; la ilaha illallah as much as 70 000 times and no one who knew that I was reading it, except GOD, and I believe that the hadith right, and those who narrated it well, then I prayAllahumma INNA HADZHISSABLANA ALFA FIDA'A HADZIHIL MAR'ATI UMMI HADZASYSYAAB.Meaning: O Allah, this reading as a redeemer seventy thousand young women are mothersSo unfinished feeling in my heart, all of a sudden the young man said: O my mother Ammi had come out of the fire,I give thanks our Allah ....... So I really believe lailaha illallah exceptional sentence ....Perhaps this hadith and history make the guidelines for the island to carry out the remembrance fida'a JAVA, which is to read / post sentence reading LA ILAHA ILLALLAH of 70,000 times for the families of the deceased. And Allaah knows best. Only alone although there is a tradition that can reject the punishment of God ... except the people who read it with sincere due solely to Friends .. they thought could save his parents to call a priest to read a remembrance fida no one knows God accepts it or not .. all of it in because of sincere or not ? Is not it better to have a righteous child who reads and  pray both parents certainly if God would grant the pious sincerity of a child .. like the hadith the prophet;; if dead a charity no longer than ada31.son the pious father prayed for his motherInherited useful for others occurred  doomsday3, alms jariah,, such as accounts for the construction of mosques, schools, hospitals .long buildings still stand as long as it is also merit ongoing
heave a heart careful if taking to crime, because it will continue to run in the gra

ve God torment until the Day of Resurrection ... so are good .. please choose .. may God open the doors of the guidance and our hearts to receive all the commands and prohibitions ... amen

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  Time first there was a pagan king who is opposed to God, then he fought by the Muslims, so that the king was captured. and the kings of the Muslims agreed to kill the king, and the Make a large jar, and then lit a fire under it, and he was placed in in the urn., so he still felt the punishment was, and when the king had been tortured so that he prayed to god god [the gods] one by one: O god (god) I just adore you so save me from this danger, and when he had felt that all the gods that no one helped him,

then he lifted his head to look at the sky while reading: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH and ask God to seikhlas-ikhlasny, then Allah sends down rain from the sky immediately to extinguish the fire, then came the wind picked up the urn into the air, and he still read the LA ILAHA ILLALLAH so he was thrown a little market to the unbelievers, is he still reading the LA ILAHA ILLALLAH .. when in the open jar by the infidels and the Tanya: Woe to you, why you? The king replied: I am a pagan king and he  story, event from start to finish, all of a sudden people were all converted to Islam after hearing the story and the story of the king's

LA ILAHA ILLALLAH no god but Alla ... if God wills to give guidance to the whole Ummah in this world, but know God better and broader knowledge of God's thoughts on Humans,

If the slave does not want ... the threat of Allah harder "I will fulfill the entire contents of Hell with Jinns and Men.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The story of a Christian bishop to convert to Islam because LA ILAHA ILLALLAH
Imam syaf'I Muhammad bin Idris said:"I have seen a Christian bishop Ka.bah tawaf, so I asked him: Did that cause you to leave your father and your father's religion? The answer I've got a better change. How did it happen? The answer: When I was in the middle of the ocean ship, the ship suddenly broke, and I can survive on the board, which brought waves flows here and there until dumped into an island, a lot of trees and delicious soft fruit sweeter than honey and more of soft butter and there is a river with fresh water, me say: Thank God for all  it, I can eat and drink until Allah brings spaciousness to me, and when the middle of the night, suddenly there was an animal above the water surface in a voice glorify clearly read: LA ILAHA ILLALLAHUL Ghaffar, Muhammad Rasoolullah ANNABIYIL Mukh TAR. And when the beast has risen to the ground, he suddenly headed cassowary, and the human face, and foot camel and fish, so I was very afraid of it so I immediately ran down and then he turned to me and say: Stop, if when you shall not perish, so I immediately stopped, and asked him: Is ? I said Christianity has left. Then immediately say: O woe are the losers, you quickly go back to the religion of Islam, because you now feel that genies area believers, and will not survive unless the people here I muslim.and  Q: How do I enter Islam? The answer: Reading ASYHADU AN LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, WA ANNA MUHAMMAD Prophet. So immediately I read, he asked me later, you will be staying here or going to the home of your family? I said I would come home. he said: Stay here until they reached the ship, so I stayed there, and the animals were returned to the sea, have vanished from my sight suddenly dating a ship full of passengers, when I give the signal by waving the hand, immediately the ship was coming to me and took me , when the ship I met with twelve Christian people, when I  on their story suddenly they all entered Islam.

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 Abuhurairah ra said: The Messenger of Allah said: "Renew your faith in faith Q: How do ya rasululah renewed faith? The Prophet replied: Expand to read: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH [HR. AHMAD, ALHAKIM]

Usman bin malik r.a. The Holy Prophet said: Verily Allah has forbidden the Fire to the people who have said: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH "really hope sincerely the pleasure of Allah  [HR.Bukhari Muslim]

Ali ra said: The Holy Prophet said: Allah ta Gabriel said, He said: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH it as a fortress, then who goes into it safe from MY TORMENT [HR ibn Asakir]

Dardaa.ra Abud said: The Holy Prophet said: No one who read the LA ILAHA ILLALLAH hundred times but will be raised by Allah on the Day of Resurrection with a face as the moon, and no one is more ritually pure charity than to him on that day unless the reads like it or exceed it. [H.Attabarani]

Um Hani r.a. Said: The Holy Prophet said: la ilaha ILLALLAH it can not be pursued by other deeds and not leave sin [not erased his sin] [Hadith Ibn Majah]

Jabir r.a. Said: The Holy Prophet said: dhikr, LA ILAHAILLALLAH  main deity and the main prayer  Alhamdulillah [Hadith History Attirmidzi, Annasa'i]

Abu Said Alkhudri ra said: The Holy Prophet said: The Prophet Musa prayed: O my Lord to teach me something for the remembrance of Thee. Read the LA ILAHA God answered ILLALLAH Moses said: O rabbi everyone read it and I want that special for me answer God: Moses  suppose seven heavens and the earth's inhabitants and seven  in place next to La ilaha ILLALLAH scales, will undoubtedly be more severe La ilaha ILLALLAH sentence exceeded on all of them {Hadith history: Annasa'i]

Abubakar ra: always la ilaha illallah and seek forgiveness [ASTGFIRULLAH HAL Azim}, multiply its second reading because the devil said, I have destroyed the man of sin, and they destroy me by reading the LA ILAHA ILLALLAH and seek forgiveness, when so then I destroyed their passions, they thought that he had received guidance [Hadith narrated by Abu Ya'la]

Abuhurairah r.a. says: When attending a Malakul death to die, so he investigated all the members of it, and found no good deeds, then split his heart did not find a good charity, then open  his mouth .suddenly found tongue attached at the top of the mouth of god read the LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH, is forgiven his sins because there are sincere sentence that [the World and the Hadith Abi riwayat.Ibn Albaihaqi]

Mua'az ibn Jabal ra said: The Holy Prophet said: Who is the end of his word sentences LA ILAHA ILLALLAH     SURE SIGN IN HEAVEN   [Hadith history; Abu Dawud, Ahmad]

Friday, May 11, 2012

The mystery of "Gates of Hell" world

THE WORLD HAS OPENED THE DOOR AS HELL FROM GOD Almighty BUKRI TO HELL how powerful the human race, do not all show BEEN IN THE HUMAN, WHY PEOPLE STILL ignore it?

Fire doors are often painted with the atmosphere of a terrible fire burning hot.Conditions such as that contained in a gaping hole in the land of fire Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Thus, a fire pit that was referred to as the "gates of hell".Fire hole about twice the size of a football field with a depth of more than 30 meters. Original size is not that much since the first "gates of hell" that man found in 1975.
Initially geologists digging with heavy equipment for the drilling of natural gas. Surprisingly, at the site found a large gap in the basement. So big, all the equipment to fall into the excavation.

Ravine was filled with poisonous gas. There has been no official statement of the Soviet Union at that time related to how the death toll due to exposure to toxic gas.However, experts get out and all the equipment that was left to fall away.

To avoid poisonous gas that already is open to the sky the earth is spread, the experts decided to burn it. His position was near the small town of Davaz.Practically since 1975 the giant hole like a volcano spitting fire and still remain lit until now even though they had 35 years have passed.

Communities around no one dared approach the influence of thermal field to a few hundred meters so called "gates of hell".Until now there has been no explanation of whether the "gates of hell" is widened or stable in size since the exit gas from the bowels of the earth is burned directly. Although exposed to the rain, the fire did not die.

The giant fire pits visible from a distance because it is a vast barren land. When the night, it seems increasingly clear with a yellowish glare that comes from the "gates of hell" is.Similar to the Lapindo mud IN INDONESIA, who continue to churn out hot mud drilling because of the assessed failed to gush to the surface of the earth.Until now there has not geologists that can stop the Lapindo mudflow. What can be done only in order to limit the area that does not effect the hot mud continues to widen.
O people of the earth immediately take the lessons of the natural wonders of the signs of Allah that were shown to the Human

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Messenger of Allah said: Surely every charitable act is dependent on the intention. And the really for each person what he go.And who migrated because of the intention of God, Obey Allah and the Prophet what , then move it completely to Allah and His Apostle, and who's intention to move the world benefit to be gained then stop the Pilgrimage on what he emigrated to him (Bukhari, Muslim) 

The Word of God s.w.t 

Hi all people worship your Lord, who made you and make the people who were before you, that you may fear Him (21). What makes you the earth as a carpet, and the sky as the roof and lowered from the sky water, then remove with water any kinds of fruit ( food) as sustenance for you .with  it then you do not ascribe to Allah anything, while you know. (That God i not in communion and not comparison, because He is the creator of all the other copyrighted by the GOD, because God made it just that, and create The Word of God in another verse: And who does not believe in Allah and the Messenger (Messenger) then we have provided for the disbelievers is hell sa'ier. IT a very hot fire. 

Umar bin Alkhttab r.r said: As we sat on the side of the Prophet one day suddenly comes a man who is a white dress, very blackHAIR .NOT seen her former traveling, and no one among us who knew him, he sat down and close proximity Prophet Prophet knee KNEE then put both hands on his thighs, then asked: O Muhammad preached Islam to me? Islam's Prophet replied s.a.w: 
 1 Believe that there is no god except Allah, and that the prophet Muhammad the messenger of God. 2. Establish worship 3. Removing the zakat 4. Fasting month of Ramadan 5. Baitullah if able to go to Hajj on his way. 

Said the man, thou true, 'Umar said: We were astonished, but he confirmed he was asked if he had know .than he would ask anyway: Preach to me about faith? The Prophet replied s.a.w. : Faith Allah.And believe to angels, and the book of his book, his messengers and prophets, and days later (QIYAMAT), and believes the provision of good and bad fate (TA GOD OF "LA). He said: Yes you are, then preach to me about the charity? The Prophet replied: Ihsan if you worship God as if he would see it, so if you can not see it, know that God sees you, he said: preach to me when was the Day of Judgment?
 Prophet replied: That the Question of the Hour was not more aware of the Questions.and he said: Preach the signs to me?  
The Prophet replied s.a.w. : If the mother (SLAVE) has given birth to her employer (ie the mother has been supposed by slave children) and those who are accustomed = bare feet and clothes, like the poor bare and plain, goatherd suddenly they are competing to build the building.than it's gone. 
 Umar said: So I stayed amazed (pause), then the Prophet said: O Umar do you know who the questioner was?  
I replied that Allah and His Apostle know better. So the Prophet: the angel Gabriel to teach your religion to you dating (H.R.MUSLIM) 

ATTAJ ASSUBUKI SAYS: Islam in the form of body worship, and are not considered except by faith, that faith is belief in the liver, is also not considered unless accompanied by the utterance of the tongue against the two-sentence creed.
 FAITH Nawawi: in the book Sharh Muslim said: Cleric ahlisunnah have agreed, both experts of hadith and jurists who believe that with his heart but does not say the creed with his tongue, if no impediment be conserved in neraka.setiap unbelievers who will enter Islam should creed that is to say two sentences ASYHADU ALLAH ILAHA ILLALLAH WA ASYHADU ANNA MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH

I know it means I testify and I explain that right there is no god should be worshiped with  actually except Allah and I testify and declare that the prophet Muhammad messenger of GOD, is also required so that the second order of this sentence, because he did not believe in the prophets before believing in God
 . After saying the creed he had to leave all he has to associate with Allah, and let faith in a religion other than Islam 


Believing that God is satu9Tunggal) none come close to matching the Essence or its properties and no allies in its remit HIM and HIM there is no ally in his power. Deity also believe that God did not exist before the beginning, and no end is eternal. 

2.Believe TO angels 

Believe that they are servants of God who Noble, and do not violate the command of all that was assigned to them, they are honest, true teachings of God's teachings in the lower. 


Believe the books are correct, the word of God which Azali a stand-alone, without the letters and sounds, and all rights contained therein and the right, and God has to reveal to some messenger with a tongue-shaped sheets or Angels. 

4. Faith in the Apostles 

Believe that God sent them to maintain their humanity and of the abominations and shortcomings, as well as the pet of sins great and small before and after so the Prophet.
 5 -in the Resurrection END 

Believe in will be after death.answer in the tomb, and the punishment of the grave delicious rise in day qiyamat, Vengeance upon all charities, reckoning, the scales of charity, shirat, heaven and hell. 

6 believe in DESTINY GOOD AND BAD. 

Believe that God has determined all things in azali ie before creating creatures, and what is destined will happen, and not the predestined fate death not be good, bad, poor, rich, pretty, healthy, ill hala, unlawful, then all that is in force according to the nature of destiny and God's judgment ....

Friday, May 04, 2012

Fard prayer obligations and rewards 
 Word of God: "Verily, the prayer that the people mu'minin as a timeless obligation.
O ye who believe, do not be neglected by the bustle of the property and your children to remember God, do dsikrullah (prayer) and who do so then their loss
UMAR IBN R.A said: The Messenger s.a.w said: The first in the compulsory five prayers on my ummah and the first time raised from the charity they pray five times, and the first will be the question of charity they pray five times, then who cut back a little from him, the Almighty said to the angels; See if you get on my maid of voluntary prayer for his lack of sufficient deficiency in the obligatory, and noticed my servant fasting during Ramadan, when you get it reduced so see if my servant has been working on a voluntary fast can you add the less-is less than the fast of Ramadan, then behold my servants charity, so if there is a shortage, then there is her  voluntary charity which may be added to the obligatory alms, then all-fard is obligatory in such account, and it is solely God's mercy and grace, and if there advantages in terms of his good deeds in place in the scales of charity, and invite into sorga.Dan if not something out of it, then commanded the angel Zabaniah: Catch it with your hands and feet then cast into hell. (H.R.Alhakim)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

  Rasululah of Allah said: Three kinds Who can do it with faith, then he will be able to go to heaven from the door where he likes and can mate of the angel at will, die

 1. Who would forgive the murderer if he was dead in suicide

 2. Who pays the debt is hidden
3. Anyone who reads each finished the prayers fard al-Ikhlas ten times the letter "Qulhuallahu ahad" (HR.ABU YA'LA] 

Messenger of Allah said: Anyone who reads Ayatul seats each fard prayer is completed, then nothing except hold him to go to heaven just waiting for death [H R  ANNASAI ibn hibban]

Sunday, April 29, 2012

READ THE PROPHET virtue shalawat 

 PROPHETS Allah says which means: Verily Allah and his angels salawat the Prophet. O you who believe please read salawat and greet the Prophet with a real
Of Anas Ibn Malik radi 'anhu, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said,
من صلى علي صلاة واحدة, صلى الله عليه عشر صلوات, وحطت عنه عشر خطيات, ورفعت له عشر درجات
"Those who say the blessings on me one time that God will shalawat him ten times, and ten aborted error (sin) it, and lifted him ten degrees / levels (in heaven one day)" [1].
This hadith shows that the great virtue of bershalawat the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and multiply the blessings on the recommendation [2], because it is falling because of grace, forgiveness and reward from Allah Ta'ala multiplies [3].
Some important faidah contained in this hadith:
- Many bershalawat to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is a sign of the love of a Muslim to his sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam [4], because the scholars said: "Whoever loves something, he would often call it" [5].
- The meaning here is shalawat shalawat taught by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in the hadiths he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam is authentic (that is read by the Muslims in their prayers when tasyahhud), not-shalawat shalawat bid ' ah that diada invented by those who came later, as shalawat nariyah, Badriyah, litany and-blessings on blessings on the other heretical. Because shalawat is worship, then the terms of the receipt must be sincere because Allah Ta'ala alone and in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam [6]. Also because when the companions radi 'anhum asked him sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, "(O Prophet), we really have to know how to say hello to you, then how do we pronounce blessings on thee?" Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: " Say: O Allah, bershalawatlah the (Prophet) Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and his family ... and so as shalawat in tasyahhud [7].
- The meaning of blessings on the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was asked to God Almighty for His praise and exalt him sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam in the world and the hereafter, in the world with honor mention of (name), he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, winning religion Islamic law and affirming that he had brought. And in the Hereafter by multiplying the reward which he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, facilitate syafa'at he appeared to his people and his primacy in the judgment in the face of all beings [8].
- The meaning of God's blessings on Ta'ala to His servant is the abundance of grace, forgiveness, praise, and blessing kemualian of his [9]. There is also a mean to taufik of Allah Almighty for His servants issued from the darkness (error) to the light (his instructions), as in his words,
{هو الذي يصلي عليكم وملائكته ليخرجكم من الظلمات إلى النور وكان بالمؤمنين رحيما}
"He bershalawat thee (O man) and his angels (with the gift of forgiveness for you), that he might remove you from darkness to light (the light). And is He the Most Merciful to those who believe "( al-Ahzaab: 43).
attabarani narrated the Prophet said: Anyone who heard my name called and he did not read the invocation for me, then he will one way to heaven ..
Narrated: There was a mutineer in the Children of Israel when he was thrown off by the people because it is very GOODLESS, the sudden revelation of Allah revealed to Prophet Musa and SHALAT AND BATH dead man, because I forgive him. Prophet Moses asked: For what he got the forgiveness of God / He replied: On a day when he read the Torah to see the name of Muhammad, and he read the invocation Forgive muhammad saw it in because of it.EXPAND read salawat although in the short form ala Muhammad wa Allahumma shalli alihi wasallim,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Hypocrisy and the threats
 Hypocrisy is a disease .... the cure is in the heart and recite the Quran and its meaning ...

God said, "And proclaim to the hypocrites that they shall have painful torment reply. The people who made the infidels as friends helper with leave the believers. Do they seek among them were those? indeed, all the power belongs to God. "." And it has already been revealed to you in the Qur'an that when you hear the verses of Allah being denied and mocked at so do not sit with them so that they speak another thing than that. For verily You must have been the same with them. Verily Allah will gather all the hypocrites and disbelievers in the Jahannam. the people who wait for what will happen to you. So in case you victory from Allah they say, 'Would not we with you ? "And if those infidels who got the victory they say 'Are we not participate in the win you and defend you from the believers?' Then Allah will judge between you on the Day of Judgment. And Allah is not going to give road to the infidels to destroy the faithful. ". Today the Muslims in the entire universe is facing an onslaught of  who commandeered and driven by the United States is a war of opinion and the real war on the battle field some places. issue of terrorism used as a justification to do anything which may destroy and annihilate the Muslims and all the truth of his teachings. They can we categorize it as a real enemy that we can deal with real as well. But a big problem which arises is the emergence of the hypocrites who undermine Islam and Muslims from Muslims in the body itself. They began to show its fangs when cornered by the enemy of the people. They are trying to take advantage of the situation that is unfavorable to the Muslims at this time. We may be very difficult to get to know them in detail and detailed. But God has taught us the criteria for the hypocrites and their properties of which are mentioned in the verses above and summarized as follows

    Making the infidels as loyal friends and helpers even make them as role models and leaders.
        Leave the believers.
            Looking for power and glory on the unbelievers degan make their friends and leaders.
                Prankster, and harasses Quranic verses degan various ways and distorted understanding.
                    If the Muslims had gained a victory or something that can be profitable for the hypocrites degan he soon joined them and ask for part of the winnings and profits. However, if the defeat suffered by the Muslims who they leave the Muslims and the kuffar are joining with the hope of winning a share of the kuffar.
                        In the next verse Allah states the following criteria in that they try to deceive Allah and Allah can not trick them. If their prayers are not prayers but in a state of lazy and want to be seen of men, and not they call Allah except little. If we refer to the above criteria it is obvious who the people who hit and who believe in pure nifak Because God. They are now very widely spread in various joint lives of the Muslims consciously or unconsciously recognized or not recognized especially if we add the criteria for other hypocrites who either of the other verses and hadiths of the Prophet. We must be careful in dealing with the doings of the hypocrites around us. If we fail to realize this is a big danger was ready to confront and threaten. Danger of a hypocrite is a matter which can not be denied. In the presence of their enemies showing Islam and Muslims as a teaching and ugly people with bad consequences to insults Islam and Muslims and the accused. While in front of their Muslim faith just appeared out of it as fertilizer in their unbelief in his heart. The dilemma they claim to want to fight you; they fought not actually damaging. Final word to God alone we pray for strength and protection of intrigue and danger nifak and hypocrites. Only in God alone we ask for and seek glory in the world and the hereafter. Allaah al musta'aan.
Most under threat of hell for hypocrites, so there's no option for people opposed God ....